Mexican Lace Agate

Ash’s Rock Stash

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Mexican crazy lace agate is a wild, fun and easily recognizable agate from... you guessed it, Mexico! In fact, it occurs exclusively within the North part of Mexico known as Chihuahua. I don't know about you but this material always makes me smile. There is something about all the geometric shapes, colors and patterns that just makes me happy. The pieces we have available are old-stock treasures and what I would consider AAA grade lace. Many of the slabs are actually Laguna lace agate which exhibit extremely tight parallax banding which is hard to capture in pictures alone. There are a few specimens that even have the contours of the once pre-existing calcite crystals.

The colorful banding, sagenite sprays, bullseye or "eye" patterns and zig zags make this one of the most exciting and fun stones to work with! An absolute show-stopper!

.9oz - 2"x2.2"x.17"