Hells Canyon Petrified Wood

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Oh boy, where do I start with Hell's Canyon? This petrified wood is rare with a capital R! Only one source for this world-renowned material has ever been found which was in Hell's Canyon on the Idaho/Oregon border. Apparently when the Hell's Canyon dam was constructed back in the 60's the entire collecting site was drowned. There has yet to be another source found of this magnificent material. I was extremely excited when I discovered a few cut-worthy pieces we are able to offer from our collection.

Hell's Canyon petrified wood is an ancient type of sequoia that formed between the cretaceous and miocene epochs. The wavy bands or lines are a type of pattern referred to as "herringbone" and are the actual annual growth rings of the once living tree. Another unique feature  are the little crystal cavities that are said to have been the result of a dry rot that occurred during the trees lifetime. They holes left over from the rot then filled in with silica and little micro-crystals were formed just adding to the uniqueness of this already rad rock. 

2.4oz - 4.2"x2.5"x.27"