Green Phosphorescent Moss Agate

Ash’s Rock Stash

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Who doesn't love a good magic trick? Or even better, how about a rock that can do the whole magic trick for you just by being itself? Of course I am talking about fluorescent minerals here people! Fluorescence in rocks is a phenomenon that causes them to "glow" after being exposed to ultraviolet light. Only around 10% of rocks fluoresce when exposed to UV light so fluorescence in rocks is pretty uncommon.  

As if fluorescence in rocks wasn't cool enough this stone has an added bonus. It phosphoresces! This means it actually holds onto the light particles that its exposed to and literally glows-in-the-dark for an instant even after UV light has been removed. The slabs we have for sale each have a quick clip showing off this super unique phenomena. Aside from all the magic this rock is also a high-grade moss agate that has stunning color and transparency. 

1oz - 2.5"x2"x.2"