Graveyard Point Plume Agate

Ash’s Rock Stash

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Graveyard point plume agate is a world renowned plume agate from East Oregon near the Idaho border. It is one by far one of my favorite materials to work with. I sell more GYP cabochons than any other material I work with and it has to be due to its blatant beauty. It is eye-catching at first glance but when you look a little closer you begin to be amazed by the amount and intricacy of details that lie within a single stone. A good transparent piece that looks like feathers or lace only adds more depth and "wow" to an already stunning stone. Gold-looking flecks of the mineral marcasite is one of the crown jewel features  of GOOD graveyard point plume agate. I emphasize good because there is a LOT of GYP on market but honestly the majority of it is not of good quality. There is an huge amounts of accessible discard piles from the many decades of mining that are very easy to collect for the average rockhound. These pieces are no where near the quality or of true GYP that has and is currently being mined from extreme depths by skilled professionals. The pieces we have for sale is what I would consider true Graveyard Point plume agate and they are all fabulous old-stock from our collection.

1.6oz - 2.5"x2.9" and 0.22" thick