Condor Agate

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Condor agates are one of the most collectible agates in the world and oh so yummy! These incredible agates were discovered by Luis de Los Santos in 1993 and originate from the Mendoza Province of Argentina. They are said to have been named after the huge birds that fly above the collecting site in the Andes Mountains at roughly 6,000 feet elevation. Pretty cool! 

These agates feature a glorious banding of colors that tend to have earthy tones. Specimens that display bright colors, tight banding and excellent contrast are the most valuable and desired by collectors. The slabs we have available are all old-stock  pieces that we acquired with our collection and there are many show-stoppers up for grabs. It is not typical to find condor agate slabs for sale as the nodules are usually cut in half and polished for display purposes. It was a shock and a treat to have found all of these nodules in our collection that had been cut up for lapidary use. They are super fun to work and the parallax banding within many of the pieces is just simply unbeatable. 

3.1oz - 2.9"x1.5"x.8"