Beacon Hill

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Beacon Hill agates from the great state of Idaho are one of my all-time favorite materials. The variety of inclusions make it an exciting nodule to cut. Although there is a "classic" look to Beacons no two are ever quite the same. Mossy inclusions and blue fortification agate along with "eye" patterns and even sagenite can be found in these amazing little gems. I have personally only cut two nodules ever that have contained sagenite. 

The collecting area for these world-class agates are miles within gated private property. The Idaho gem club holds the only claim and the only way to get to dig for these beauties is if you are a gem club member and join them on their annual field trip to the claim. I was fortunate enough to get to attend one of these trips and I can speak from experience when I say they are not easy to extract! An assortment of hand tools and some serious muscle strength is needed to uncover these gems which lay within a layer of earth called the "hard pan". Even if you are lucky enough to find a nodule getting it out without it breaking is the next challenge. This is why such a limited amount of nodules make it off the hill and contribute to its scarcity in the market.