Leopard Skin Jasper

Ash’s Rock Stash

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Leopard skin jasper from M.X. is as savage as the animals in which its pattern mimics. Animalistic & full of attitude, this orbicular jasper is an old time favorite. The spherulite inclusions (or eyes) create a fascinating pattern combined with the earthy tones its easy to see where the name "leopard skin" comes from. Most of the leopard skin available is soft, putty and honestly not that attractive. The orbs are often faded and or poorly represented. the pieces we are offering are premium old-stock from our collection. Each slab is super hard & will take a fabulous polish and or make some stunning jewelry. The black & yellows exhibited in our pieces create the most outstanding contrast and equally impressive is the sheer amount of orbs.

1.7oz - 2.1"x3"x.22"